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Utilities /LDC

NetWise’s CORIS ECS is the most efficient and cost-effective way for Utilities, Power Companies, and Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) to implement conservation and demand reduction programs.

Utilities, power companies, and Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) are mandated to reduce the overall energy consumption of the residential and business customers in order to flatten peak demand and reduce our overall carbon emissions. Technology has not existed to enable LDCs to effectively manage the millions of plug-in electrical loads that are connected to the electricity grid, let alone implement controls and demand reduction programs that include these energy consuming plug-in appliances.

Coris ECS products solve this problem. Our focus is to enable Utilities, Power Companies, and Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) to talk to every high energy appliance that is connected to the electrical grid; simply, and cost effectively. Our energy management products provide tools to make every power receptacle, lighting fixture, and powered appliance a “smart” device.

Imagine the ability to implement software based controls that can interrupt the operation of thousands of window air conditioners, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC), pool pumps, and beverage coolers in peak demand situations by issuing a single command. Within seconds, these high energy consuming appliances that until now have been unmanageable can be turned off or their temperature settings adjusted to relieve excess burden from the electrical grid.

Netwise can deliver this today!

Coris ECS Secure Server

The Coris ECS web based software portal enables Utilities to provide tools to their clients that enable customer managed conservation programs very economically. Through the web-portal the our utility clients are able to centrally manage demand response programs, while enabling their clients to have local control of the schedules, control and metering data that applies to Coris ECS products that are deployed within their specific locations.

Coris ECS Modules

Coris modules have built in wireless networking capability. Modules automatically establish a local mesh network with each other and with the Coris Gateway. Simply plug a Coris module into a wall outlet, install the lighting and/or sensor modules as required and they are immediately connected to the Coris network. You can now implement both control and metering of your lighting, and electrical systems as well as your plug-load appliances.

The secure server runs on a standard web hosting environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, HTML, etc.) so that it can scale to handle millions of modules. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) guides facilities managers in configuring the remote Coris modules—temperature settings, schedules, electricity price limits, etc.