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Meter Energy Usage


REAL-TIME STATUS | Users can see the current status of all their devices in real-time and take comfort in knowing that all the data is logged and accessible for as long as they have a CORIS account.
The screenshot below shows the current status of an Outlet Module being used by a Concession Refrigerator. 
VIEW MINUTE-BY-MINUTE | The data that is being continuously logged by the CORIS system can be easily interpreted by viewing one of many of the available graphs.
This screen shot shows the continuous graph of the temperature in a user's livingroom.
 Graphs & Analysis

ACTUAL vs. TARGET | You may choose to view graphs that show the actual readings versus your defined targets. The graph below shows the temperature of a showroom against its heating and cooling targets.

ZOOM IN | By simply highlighting a portion of the graph, you can zoom into a specific time period for more detail. The graph below is showing Real Power (measured in Watts) which is just one of the many metrics you may choose.
CUMULATIVE GRAPH OPTIONS | Not only can users view power and energy usage by the minute, but they can also view cumulative graphs that show accrued energy usage over a period of time. If you enter your utility rates, you can also view graphs showing the dollar-cost attributable to that same device or group of devices. Below is a graph showing the total energy used by a personal computer during one week.
Another cumulative screenshot graph, below, shows the total energy used by two different air conditioners over the course of a month—and the link to download data.
UTILITY RATES | Setup your individual utility rate(s) for more in-depth analyses of your energy cost savings. You can even include various time-of-use rates or seasonal rates. This information will contribute to “Total Cost” graphs as well.