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Benefits of using CORIS ECS

Immediate and tangible benefits from the first day of installation.

Remotely control energy usage
  • Reduce your energy bills by remotely controlling and turning off electrical loads and HVAC systems.
  • Automatically schedule illumination and HVAC cycles based on activity and occupancy of rooms, offices and facilities.
  • Ensure that electrical loads are turned off and HVAC systems are set-back during non-operating hours.
  • Override preprogrammed schedules based on local sensors such as motion or occupancy.
  • Easily change illunimation levels and lighting layouts as facilities change uses over time vs having to invest in rewiring facilities with new cabling and conduit systems.
  • Get email alerts to ensure timely intervention and optimal operating efficiency
Simple to install and easy to use
  • No costly changes to building infrastructure
  • Rapid installation without cabling or conduit systems
  • No IT burden
  • No device programming or configuration
Greater control and flexibility
  • Unlimited scheduling options
  • Single commands simultaneously control multiple CORIS ECS devices in various locations, both on demand and on a scheduled basis
  • Complete access and control of schedules from any web browser, smart phone, BlackBerry or tablet.